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29 Healthy Groceries You Should Be Buying at Walmart

Get your pen and paper ready because you’ll want to make a grocery list with my 29 Healthy Groceries You Should Be Buying at Walmart. And I should stress, these are healthy AND affordable. I’ll also share how I use them in my own kitchen!

I am having a total blast with this post. Because first, I walked up and down every aisle at my Walmart Neighborhood Market and found all my favorite healthy staples plus I found some new favorite healthy staples and then I compared all my Walmart prices to other local Chicago prices via Peapod and Mariano’s Instacart and if I wasn’t a happy Walmart shopper prior to researching this post, I sure am a happy Walmart shopper now. And I’m determined to make you a happy shopper by sharing the 29 Healthy Groceries You Should Be Buying at Walmart.

Let me go ahead and disclose: I am not getting paid for this. Not by Walmart, not by any of these brands. I’m just nerding out. I was a Walmart Neighborhood Market fan when I lived in High Point, NC, and then when they opened one in Winston Salem, NC, and then – yay me! – I happened to move in just around the corner from one in Chicago, IL.

And let the record state, 29 is a completely arbitrary number. I think I took pictures of maybe 40 or so items and considered another 10ish, but I’m trying to keep this manageable. Moral of the story: so many healthy, affordable purchases at the Mart. So, in no particular order, let’s begin.

1. Cedar’s Tzatziki, Salsa, and Hummus

Why I Like It: I was just gonna mention the tzatziki, but I love allthedips. Tzatziki is my favorite dip for raw veggies. The flavor is fresh and bright. It’s like a sunbeam, sending it’s energy down to your vegetable. (Yep, I’m getting weird already.) A two tablespoon serving has only 30 calories (60-70 calories in the same amount of hummus) and no added sugar. But, ya know, allthedips are happening atalltimes in my refrigerator, so toss the hummus and salsa into my cart too.

Price Comparison: 12-ounce Tzatziki – $3.98 at Walmart vs. $4.59 via Mariano’s Instacart, 16-ounce Salsa – $3.98 at Walmart (comparison not available), 8-ounce Hummus – $2.78 at Walmart vs. $3.99 via Mariano’s Instacart

Use it Now: Tzatziki + veggies or meat. Hummus + veggies or pretzels. Salsa + chips or baked potatoes.

2. Post Shredded Wheat and Raisin Bran

Why I Like It: I was going to just post about Raisin Bran ’cause I love it, but Shredded Wheat is nutritionally kicking butt with only two ingredients on the label (whole grain wheat, wheat bran) and zero added sugar. But Raisin Bran is just so dang good and crunchy. Both have 8 grams of fiber and 5-7 grams of protein per serving. I eat high-fiber cereal + chia seeds almost every day.

Price Comparison: 18-ounce box Shredded Wheat – $2.88 at Walmart vs. $3.79 via Peapod, 20-ounce box Raisin Bran – $3.12 at Walmart vs. $3.59 via Peapod

Use it Now: Chia seeds + low-fat milk + Raisin Bran or Shredded Wheat. Get crazy and throw a sliced banana in there.

3. Great Value (a Walmart brand) Organic Black Chia Seeds

Why I Like It: Chia seeds are loaded with fiber, omega-3’s, antioxidants, protein, and calcium. Soak them in a liquid for five minutes if you prefer them to gelatinize or sprinkle over your food to keep them crunchy. I usually soak them in milk and add cold or hot cereal (see #2), but you can also bake with them, make chia pudding, or sprinkle them on salads.

Price Comparison: 12-ounce bag, 33 cents/ounce at Walmart vs. 50 cents/ounce (compared to Nature’s Promise Naturals, a Peapod brand)

Use It Now: Basic Overnight Steel-Cut OatsCranberry-Pecan Spiced Quinoa Breakfast BowlsSunny Pumpkin Cherry Bars

4. Perdue Harvestland Fresh Chicken Thigh Filets

Why I Like It: Chicken tenderloin and chicken breast rank even higher on the health list, but today I’m talking chicken thighs because they’re my favorite and they also happen to be least expensive. Compared to chicken breast, boneless and skinless chicken thighs have an extra 30 calories and 6 grams of fat (2 of them saturated) per 3-ounce portion. IMO (in my opinion), the juicier flavor and the lower price of dark meat chicken is worth a bit of extra fat.

Price Comparison: $3.34/pound at Walmart vs. $3.99/pound (compared to Nature’s Promise Naturals, a Peapod brand)

Use It Now: Simply Braised Chicken Thighs with Root VegetablesOne-Skillet Mediterranean Lemon Chicken

5. San Marcos Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce

Why I Like It: Chipotles in Adobo quickly add heft and heat to soups, stews, stir-fries, skillet meals, sheet pan suppers – anything! I promise you, if you ever prepare dinner and it’s just… missing something… it’s probably missing chipotles in adobo. I like the San Marcos brand for several reasons — Aside from being the least expensive option, it’s lower in calories and far lower in sodium than competitors. Plus, you’ll recognize every ingredient on the label.

Price Comparison: 7-ounce can: $1.18 at Walmart vs. $2.49 via Peapod

Use It Now: One-Pot Sweet Potato Chili

6. Folger’s Gourmet Selections Vanilla Biscotti Ground Coffee

Why I Like It: Can you make it through your morning without coffee? I didn’t think so. I like flavored coffees because the subtle sweetness means I can drink it black. And zero calories. Heyooo. Also try the Caramel Drizzle flavor!

Price Comparison: 10-ounce bag, $5.98 at Walmart vs. $6.09 via Peapod.

Use it Now: At any time of day. Caffeinate yourself.

7. RiceSelect Tri-Color Couscous

Why I Like It: Sure, quinoa is all the rage right now, but I really prefer fluffier couscous. And pouring boiling water over a grain to cook it is a foolproof method. I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to mess up. Although, please comment below if you’ve messed up couscous. I’d love to hear your story!

Price Comparison: 26.5-ounce container, $7.98 at Walmart vs. $13.49 via Mariano’s Instacart.

Use It Now: Golden Beet Couscous Salad

8. Bolthouse Farms Yogurt Dressing

Why I Like It: Because I don’t want my dressing “on the side.” I want my salad doused in dressing. I want my lettuce leaves to wilt with creaminess. And I want to do it all without crazy calories and fat. Enter Bolthouse Farms Yogurt Dressing. I like #alltheflavors, but if I had to choose, top flavors are Salsa Verde Avocado, Chunky Blue Cheese, and Creamy Caesar.

Price Comparison: 14-fluid ounce bottle: $3.48 at Walmart vs. $3.99 via Peapod.

Use It Now: Kale Caesar with Chipotle Mushrooms and a Runny Egg, Pesto Chicken Kale Salad

9. Great Value (a Walmart brand) 100% Liquid Egg Whites

Why I Like It: When I’m not having Raisin Bran + chia seeds for breakfast, you can bet your last dollar I’m having egg whites + mashed banana scramble. And if I’m not having egg whites + mashed banana scramble for breakfast, you can bet your last dollar I’m having it for dinner. Egg whites are almost pure protein and egg white scrambles make for a low-maintenance, low-calorie meal.

Price Comparison: 32-ounce container, $3.47 at Walmart vs. $4.79 (compared to Peapod brand)

Use it Now: Green and Goat Cheese Pie with Potato CrustHalf Egg White Frittata with Roasted Veggies

10. Zoe Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Why I Like It: I love this brand because 1. It’s pretty and 2. It’s industrious. The side of the bottle reads, “…Zoe comes to you in an attractive tin which not only protects and preserves the oil, but may also be used as a decorative vase when empty.” <3 <3 It’s also the first cold pressing, certified by the North American Olive Oil Association, is BPA free, and is non-GMO.

Price Comparison: 1-liter bottle, $10.94 at Walmart (32 cents per ounce). Comparison not available.

Use it Now: Pork Tenderloin in Spiked Cider Cream SauceDijon Steak Nicoise SaladBraised Tuscan Pork Chops with Pan-Fried String Beans

11. Pop & Cook Crushed Garlic

Why I Like It: If you see me use fresh garlic in ANY recipe, I’m using Pop&Cook Frozen Crushed Garlic. It’s such a time-saver in the kitchen. If a recipe calls for 5 cloves of minced garlic, I’m popping five little frozen cloves out and into the pot/pan/skillet instead of spending 10 minutes peeling and mincing, cleaning my kitchen tools, and scrubbing the garlic smell from my fingers. I couldn’t cook without these.

Price Comparison: $2 for 20 cloves at Walmart. Price comparison not available.

Use it Now: Skillet Lamb with Mango-Mint Chimichurri and Spring PeasPan-Poached Tilapia with Lemon Caper Sauce

12. La Croix Sparkling Water

Why I Like It: If you haven’t gotten on the La Croix bandwagon yet, what are you waiting for? La Croix contains 0 calories and 0 sugars and is flavored with natural essence oils extracted from the fruits for which the beverages are named (according to their website). That’s kind of vague, but La Croix is kind of tasty. And I’m all in for anything tasty + calorie- and sugar-free.

Price Comparison: 12-pack, $3.18 at Walmart vs. $5.69 via Peapod

Use it Now: Hydration, check.

13. Lean Cuisine Marketplace Vermont White Cheddar Mac & Cheese

Why I Like It: “Like” is not the word. Try, “obsessed.” I keep one of these in my freezer at all times. And then I have to replace it all the time. 250 calories, 14 grams of protein. If you must indulge in comfort food (and let’s face it, we all do), this is the winner.

Price Comparison: Single serving container, $2.50 at Walmart vs. $3.39 via Peapod

Use it Now: Microwave and eat as is or add in some chopped chicken and veggies.

14. Fairlife Ultra-Filtered Milk

Why I Like It: I got started on Fairlife as a post-workout protein source. A tough workout usually suppresses my appetite, but I know I need protein for muscle recovery. I’m not a protein powder or supplement gal, so enter Fairlife Ultra-Filtered Milk. Compared to regular skim milk, nonfat Fairlife has 5 more grams of protein, half the sugar, and 30 percent more calcium. Aaaand it just tastes better.

Price Comparison: 1.5 liter container: $3.50 at Walmart vs. $4.99 via Peapod

Use it Now: In cereal (see #2), as a post-workout protein drink, or in Sun-Dried Tomato and Olive Ricotta Scones.

15. Planters Deluxe Mixed Nuts

Why I Like It: I always have nuts around to nosh on. Sometimes I’m not really hungry, but I want something. You know the feeling? Crunching on five or ten is better than chowing down on five or ten or 50 M&M’s. I usually choose lightly salted or unsalted – up to you!

Price Comparison: 15.25-ounce container, $9.78 at Walmart vs. $13.59 via Mariano’s Instacart

Use it Now: Snack Time! or just I-Have-the-Munchies Time.

16. Smucker’s Natural Chunky Peanut Butter

Why I Like It: Several reasons why I’m telling you to pick up Smucker’s Natural. 1. It’s peanut butter… Need I say more? 2. It’s just peanuts. A lot of the mainstream PB brands have “natural” options, but even these have some sort of “natural” sugar in them. Smucker’s is the only mainstream brand I’ve found with a just nuts version. 3. It’s also inexpensive. Compare this to Justin’s Almond Butter and you’re saving $6. (Justin’s also has added sugars…!!!) Pro tip: Store in the pantry upside down and the oil won’t separate from the nuts quite as much.

Price Comparison: 16-ounce jar, $2.94 at Walmart vs. $3.19 via Peapod

Use it Now: Thai Tomato Peanut Soup, Sunny Pumpkin Cherry Bars, or by the spoonful.

17. Boboli 100% Whole Wheat Pizza Crust

Why I Like It: If you use the right crust and if you add the right toppings, pizza can 100% be a nutritious, well-rounded lunch or dinner. Or breakfast. I’m pretty homemade pizza-obsessed and I typically use Trader Joe’s pizza dough, but if I’m shopping at Walmart, this 100% whole wheat pizza crust will do just fine!

Price Comparison: 1 10-ounce bag, $3.77 at Walmart vs. $4.79 via Peapod

Use It Now: Fig and Mushroom Barbecue PizzaSummer Stone Fruit and Prosciutto PizzaRoasted Fennel, Italian Sausage, and Ricotta Pizza

18. Orville Redenbacher’s SmartPop Kettle Corn

Why I Like It: My sweet and salty fix. Can you guys tell yet that I’m a huge snacker?! These are 100-calorie single-serve bags, but I’ve been known to eat the “multi-serve” bags on my own and, at 260 calories per bag, they won’t break your calorie budget either. Popcorn is a whole grain, so you’ll get plenty of filling fiber. Pick this up over chips every time.

Price Comparison: 12 single-serve bags, $3.98 at Walmart vs. $4.09 via Peapod

Use it Now: For when you need that hand-to-mouth motion and that mouth munching motion.

19. Plum Organics Blended Fruit + Veggie Pouches

Why I Like It: I know you guys think I’m crazy because this is a photo of toddler food, but give it a try. Let’s face it – fruits and veggies are not portable. They get smashed and dirty and wilty when you keep them in your bag all day. Enter fruit and veggie pouches. I keep a couple of these in my work tote for a healthy, on-the-go sweet treat. Depending on your mix, they’re about 70-100 calories, 2-4 grams fiber, 2-4 grams protein, and minimal fat or sodium.

Price Comparison: 1 pouch, $1.25 at Walmart vs. $1 via Peapod (Our only item that is more expensive at Walmart!)

Use it Now: Or use it later. Put one in your purse and I’m sure you’ll thank when the time comes.

20. Sargento Ultra Thin Sliced Cheese

Why I Like It: Who doesn’t love cheese, amiright? Unfortunately, cheese is naturally high in saturated fats and most low-fat versions don’t taste quite as good and don’t melt very well. I love Sargento’s Ultra Thin Slices because they don’t skimp on flavor or melting properties or surface area. It takes just one slice — one ultra thin slice — to cover your burger! It’s a stealthy way to be healthy.

Price Comparison: 18 slices, $2.93 at Walmart vs. $3 via Peapod

Use It Now: Homemade Ham and Cheese Hot PocketsClassic Pastrami Reuben

21. Frozen Raw Large E-Z Peel Shrimp

Why I Like It: A lean and healthy protein source, shrimp doesn’t have to break your budget. You can buy frozen shrimp cooked or raw, but I definitely recommend raw. That way, you have more control over how well done — or in my case, not well done — you like them.

Price Comparison: $6.59/pound at Walmart vs. $7.65/pound via Peapod

Use It Now: Shrimp and Green Papaya SaladSeared Shrimp and Scallops in Apple Cider Cream SauceRoasted Cherry Tomatoes with Shrimp Over Black Bean Spaghetti

22. McCormick Gourmet Collections Smoked Paprika and Chipotle Chile Pepper

Why I Like It: A friend told me about Smoked Paprika years ago and I’ve been using it every since. I ran out of Smoked Paprika once and I accidentally bought Chipotle Chile Pepper instead. It turns out, I can’t live without either. I really do try to branch out, but one whiff of the open bottle and I can’t resist adding it to meat, seafood, veggies, even salads!

Price Comparison: 1 standard jar, $5.98 at Walmart vs. $6.99-7.99 via Peapod

Use It Now: 5-Minute Smoky Pumpkin HummusSmoked Paprika Caramel Corn with Honey AlmondsRed Pepper Shakshuka

23. Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste and Lite Coconut Milk

Why I Like It: Thai food is my favorite ethnic cuisine, specifically red coconut curry. For years, my easy-peasy go-to dinner has been stir-fried veggies with a heaping tablespoon (or two) of red curry paste and a can of lite coconut milk. Both of these products are low in calories and sugar-free (and paleo – which I only know because I was paleo once for about 15 days).

Price Comparison: Red Curry Paste – $2.59 at Walmart vs. $4.69 via Mariano’s Instacart, Lite Coconut Milk – $1.98 at Walmart vs. $3.69 via Mariano’s Instacart

Use It Now: Mussels in Red Coconut CurryEasy Thai Coconut Curry NoodlesChilled Mango Red Curry Soup with Shrimp

24. Chicken of the Sea Chunk Light Tuna in Water

Why I Like It: Probably the most convenient protein I can think of, I eat tuna all the time. I wish I could say I do a lot of fancy things with it, but Buffalo Tuna Salad is as fancy as it gets. I usually just mix equal parts tuna and non-fat Greek yogurt (see #25) or low-fat cottage cheese. Then I’ll add some pickle relish and call it a day. You guys, I don’t even use crackers or bread, I just go fork to face with all those omega-3s.

Price Comparison: 5-ounce can, $0.75 at Walmart vs. $1.29 via Peapod

Use It Now: Buffalo Tuna Salad or canned tuna + plain Greek yogurt + pickle relish

25. Chobani Plain Non-Fat Greek Yogurt

Why I Like It: The yogurt aisle is tough to navigate (there are 100’s, 100’s!!!), but I’m gonna say – you cannot go wrong with plain Greek yogurt. With 15 grams of protein and zero added sugars, plain Greek yogurt is über versatile. Substitute it in place of sour cream or heavy cream to lighten both savory dishes and sweet desserts. Mash it up with tuna (see #24) for an easy salad or stir in some fresh fruit for a substantial breakfast. I always keep 5.3-ounce cups in the fridge because I find myself using it all the time.

Price Comparison: 5.3-ounce container, $1 at Walmart and $1 via Peapod

Use It Now: Raspberry Greek Yogurt Cake with Lemon ButtercreamCrispy Chickpea and Greek Yogurt Protein BowlBetter-For-You Beef StroganoffHealthier Chicken Tikka Masala

26. Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Why I Like It: This is totally one of those holistic dietitian home remedy things and I’m gonna show all my true crazy colors here. I drink Bragg ACV every day. Rumor has it, ACV is good for your digestive system and I personally have less issues with bloating, cramps, and indigestion when I stick with this daily. If you’re gonna give it a try, make sure to get ACV that contains “the mother.” This cloudy stuff is made up of proteins, enzymes, and friendly bacteria.

Price Comparison: 32-fluid ounces bottle, $5.98 at Walmart vs. $6.99 via Peapod

Use it Now: 1/4 cup Bragg ACV + 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger + 1ish teaspoons brown sugar + water. Bottoms up!

27. Eureka Organic Grainiac Sliced Bread

Why I Like It: I want my bread to be the heartiest, chewiest, seediest, flavorfulest bread I can find. And Eureka is doing it for me. One slice of Grainiac has 130 calories, 5 grams of fiber, and 7 grams of protein. Smother it with PB or make an open-face turkey sandwich, and you’re gonna stay satisfied for a while.

Price Comparison: 27-ounce loaf, $4.98 at Walmart. Price comparison not available. (FYI: Wheatberry/Arnold has a new knockoff of this bread too and it was $2 cheaper per loaf (12 cents/ounce) with very similar nutritionals.)

Use it Now: Open-Faced Apple Shallot SandwichOpen-Faced Grilled Cheese and Pear Sandwich

28. Great Value (a Walmart brand) Steamable Broccoli Florets

Why I Like It: I always have a bag in my freezer. Sometimes (after a holiday, after a boozy weekend, after vacation) you just want a huge bowl of broccoli for dinner and you want it ready in six minutes. Sometimes you make frozen mac & cheese (see #13) and you want to add something green. And sometimes, you just need to round out a meal of steak and potatoes.

Price Comparison: 12-ounce bag, $1.44 at Walmart vs. $1.59 (compared to Peapod SteamReady Broccoli Florets)

Use it Now: When you’re body is calling out for veggies. Also good topped with cheese (see #20).

29. Halo Top Light Ice Cream

Why I Like It: And lastly, my guilty/healthy pleasure. I find it incredibly hard to stop eating ice cream unless the carton is empty and I have no choice. With Halo Top, it can be okay to eat the entire pint. Halo Top is low-calorie, high-protein, and low-sugar (sweetened with Stevia and Erythritol). I normally steer clear of artificial and natural sweeteners and from sugar alcohols, but my sweet tooth can only handle so much starvation. And Halo Top tastes too damn good to be true.

Price Comparison: 1 pint, $4.64 at Walmart vs. $4.99-5.99 via Peapod

Use it Now: Grab a spoon and share it with your dear friend, Netflix.

And friends, there you have it! My nerded out, super fun, nutrition and affordable list of 29 Healthy Groceries You Should Be Buying at Walmart. I’d love to hear your thoughts… What did I leave out? Do you disagree with something? Have you found a better product at your Walmart Neighborhood Market? Tell me about it — I dare you!